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AP Goodyear Welt & Wedge Boots

AP Goodyear Welt & Wedge Boots

The Goodyear Welt Boots collection guarantees solidity and reliability, characterized by a deep tread pattern that allows optimum grip. The sole of the Goodyear Welt Work Boots is stitched together, resulting in more outstanding durability.

Benefits of Goodyear Welt Boots:

  • The welt is then stitched to the leather or rubber sole.
  • This final stitch is holding the sole in place, which we can cut through, enabling complete removal of the sole without damaging the upper.
  • Footwear is built with nail-free construction to help insulate you from the ground to slow down conduction but is not intended to be primary protection against electric shock. Leather footwear must be dry.

Why Choose Rock Rooster Footwear?

These Rock Rooster Goodyear Welt work boots are very reliable in texture and have a long life so you can use these boots for years without replacement. Rock Rooster provides 24*7 services, free shipping and return policy so you can change and return it until and unless you are satisfied. Also provide safe payment gateways and email support.