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Tips to Give Plumbing Customers

Tips to Give Plumbing Customers

Being a plumber often involves dealing with a frantic customer while solving the problem. Afterward, we know every plumber wants to leave an amazing impression so that they will get the next call. Passing on some wisdom that the customer may not be aware of is a fantastic option that doesn’t cost a penny.

Organized Plumbing

Many people buy a home without the faintest idea of how their plumbing works or where the pipes are. We find helping the customer figure this out can help immensely. Additionally, there is always the option of tagging the lines with zip ties so that the customer understands what they’re looking at.

The Value of Overflow Reduction Technology

Overflow reduction and overflow valves are a necessity in many situations, but they are rarely installed. This technology relies on sensing the pressure within the pipes and when it becomes problematic. It’s a simple technology with significant implications, especially after something floods.

Sharing this piece of wisdom with homeowners and renters prompts them to act. It’s a valuable option for them since it prevents many common plumbing incidents at a very inexpensive price tag. The plumber who recommends it may even receive the work order to install it.


The Plumbing and Hair Solution

We often see hair going down the drain lead to enormous problems. It doesn’t seem like a big deal for many plumbing clients until they see one pulled from their drains. Taking the time to explain why this happens often changes the entire client outlook.

Plumbers may also want to pick their favorite plumbing solution for hair. Chances are, when a customer knows the information, they’ll want a solution immediately.


Restarting the [Insert Device Here]

Specific pieces of equipment, ranging from toilets to water heaters, tend to warrant calls to plumbers. While toilets may not need restarts, chances are everything else does. Once the job is complete, plumbers have an opportunity to explain.

Each brand and model year has a slightly different layout, so customers may have difficulty finding the right instructions. We find that by taking a few minutes to show someone how to restart a water heater or turn on their water valve, they feel empowered, leaving a positive impression.


What Can Go in the Sink and Toilet

There are many myths around what can and cannot end up the home pipes. Many of these depend on what beliefs people were raised with. Setting this record straight is both a valuable service and a great piece of advice for plumbing customers.

For example, many people believe that they can put any vegetable scrap in the garbage disposal. Meanwhile, plumbers know that items like potato skins cause clogs quickly. By letting the client know, we think the plumber can leave a more positive and helpful impression.

The Simple Solution to Pipe Freezing

Winter is a trying time for plumbing, and there are many burst pipes. Plumbers can propose a simple solution like letting the faucet attached to the problem pipe drip when temperatures drop. This will get the building through until the owner can handle proper insulation or replacement.



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