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Kitchen Gardening Made Easy | A Basic 101 Guide For Beginners In 2020

Kitchen Gardening Made Easy | A Basic 101 Guide For Beginners In 2020

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Kitchen Gardening has made a comeback in 2020. Today Most of the people are facing a shortage of vegetables or things of basic need. So, what should you do to have enough food on your plate? Well! Do one thing. Jump into gardening!

Do you know what the best thing about kitchen Gardening is? It is entirely organic and economical, as well. Amazing! Isn't it?

So, let's jump to our step-by-step guide on how to have your own kitchen garden without wasting any time.



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Sunlight to plants is what oxygen is to humans. If your plants are not getting ample sunlight, they are in trouble. You know why? Because sunlight boosts the process of photosynthesis that helps them make food.

Different plants require a different amount of light in each season. Most of the plants need at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Therefore, finding the right spot for your kitchen garden is a must thing. And where to find that right spot?

It is right in your kitchen. Most of the people use kitchen windowsills because they have direct access to sunlight.

Here is the pro tip:

 If you have direct access to sunlight, you can use the grow lights as well.



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Finding the earthen pots or containers for your kitchen garden is an easy task. They are cheap and readily available in the market. But you can reuse plastic bottles or glass containers as well.

Make sure that your container is at least 5-6 inches tall, having a hole for root development.

Here is the pro-tip:

Don't forget to put pebbles on the bottom of your container. They reduce water drainage.


Soil for your Kitchen Garden

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Soil act as a medium and source of nutrients for your plants.

You can make your own soil mixture by mixing regular and red soil. Or you can buy it from your local garden store.

Your soil should be well-drained and free of rocks or pebbles.

Here is the pro-tip:

Don’t forget to add compost in your soil. It helps in retaining enough water and provides micro and macronutrients as well.


Seeds vs. Seedlings

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You can use seeds or seedlings; that's entirely your choice to make. But if you are a beginner, I would you to buy seedlings as they are easy to grow.

But seeds are not that much challenging to grow.

You can buy your seeds from a nursery or local store.

Here is the pro tip:

Ones you have sown your seeds, cover your container with a net. It will save your plants from severe heat or sunlight directly entering the container.


Watering Your kitchen Garden

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Water holds a very special place in keeping your plants happy. You must ensure that they are getting enough moisture.

Watering the plants depends upon in which season you want to water them. Plants need a greater amount of water in summers as compare to winters.

It also varies with the location in your home. If you have placed your plants near the windowsills where they have direct light access, they may need less water.

Here is the pro tip:

You can apply a finger test to check either your plant needs water or not. Stick your right finger one inch deep into the container. If it feels wet, don't water them and vice versa.


Final Words

Don’t forget that the plants you are growing are like your children. You must take care of them if you want them to thrive and strive. Kitchen gardening is a challenging but rewarding task.

Stay Calm and enjoy the smell of your garden.


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