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Tips for Long Haul Truck Driving

Tips for Long Haul Truck Driving

Driving a truck is a lifestyle, and it requires some adjustments. Driving long haul with a semi requires more care than with a vehicle, as the stakes are higher. We recommend taking advantage of these tips for long haul driving for safer roads.


Movement, even if it’s one minute of jumping jacks on the side of the road, helps focus a wandering mind. While finding time to maintain a fitness routine is difficult on a trucking schedule, spreading out some exercises throughout your drive is always a good idea.

Truck Driving

Mind the Diet and Vitamins

We find that new truckers are underprepared for the demands of the road and find up eating too much fast food. This greatly affects the ability to focus. Healthy meals with fruits, lean meats, vegetables, and healthy fats help focus long-term, leading to safer driving. Eating on a regular schedule also helps settle sleep schedules, a boon for truckers.

Snacks are another important consideration for truckers. It’s hard to avoid snacking, so consciously choosing a piece of fruit or some nuts helps immensely with heading off sugar cravings. After all, a bag of candy will help with energy in the short term, but then people need to manage the sugar crash.

Also, another option is vitamins. Ones like B and C make sure the brain has the necessary components to repair itself and to help with focus. Supplementing what is not available from the diet is a great option for staying focused for long periods of time.

Safely Intrigue the Brain

Highway hypnosis is serious consideration while driving. One way to help is to intrigue the brain with something different every couple of hours. One option is cranking up the music, especially if there are many genres on the playlist. Another choice is audio books, which are widely available on every subject imaginable.

Balance Fluids and Time

While we know stopping for the bathroom is a problem, it’s important to remain adequately hydrated. Fluids also help the brain remain alert, as well as supporting other internal organs. However, try to stick to water, as caffeine dehydrates.


Annoy the Body

Doing something like tickling ears or tapping thighs may disjoint the body from its disassociation. This solution can get truckers out of a pickle, but it does not work forever. Drivers should pull over when it is safe to do so.

Open the Window

Fresh air does wonderful things for the human brain, as does the rush of oxygen into the cab. This can wake up the trucker temporarily and get them through until it is safe to stop. Plus, it’s good to air the cab out occasionally.

Power Nap

While not ideal, it’s better to stop and get a small nap than get into an accident. Power naps are typically less than 20 minutes and can boost a trucker’s focus for hours to come. While team driving, a switch off can also work.


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