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Our original design is back! Use code "RRSAP" to enjoy 25% Off for SAP Boots.
Our original design is back! Use code "RRSAP" to enjoy 25% Off for SAP Boots.

Electrical Work Boots (EH)

Electrical hazard-rated safety boots are isolating safety boots that provide you a secondary source of protection from electric shocks or electrocution. EH Rated Boots surface is made up of non-conductive material that avoids passing electric charge through your body. 

Here are some Benefits of Electrical Work Boots:

  • Soft Toe: Our Electrical Work Boots are lightweight that avoids feet and leg fatigue. Wide fitting toe that is comfortable and does not stick your feet.
  • Electrical Shock protection: Our Boots are EH compliant and protect against electrical shock up to 18000V.
  • CoolMax: EH work boots have a Temperature Control and moisture-wicking texture.

Why Choose Rock Rooster Footwear?

The Rock Rooster EH Protective boot will keep you safe. You can jump, walk, trek, and give a style statement with our fantastic range of boots. Rock Rooster Footwear provides 24*7 services, free shipping all over the USA, easy to return policy, and safe payment gateways so that you can pay prior without any fear.