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License Agreement


Please read this License Agreement (“Agreement”) carefully. It contains important information that affects your legal rights. By responding to Rock Rooster Footwear Inc.’s (“Rock Rooster ”) image or video rights request (a “Request”) with “Yes”, or reply designated in the Request as constituting an acceptance of the Request, you agree to be bound by the terms of this License Agreement.

Term. The term of this Agreement shall commence upon the date of your acceptance of a Request from Rock Rooster and shall continue until terminated by Rock Rooster  or yourself. To terminate this agreement, you must provide fifteen days advanced written notice thereof to Rock Rooster by email at

License. You hereby grant to Rock Rooster a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, transferable lifetime license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute, transmit, publicly display, and to create derivative works from, the Content. “Content” shall mean all photographs, text, graphics, moving images, videos, sound, illustrations and any other materials or information contained within the social media post that is the subject of the Request that you approved. This license also includes Rock Rooster ’s right to use your user name, profile image, pseudonym and/or image in connection with the authorized uses of the Content. Provided, nothing in this Agreement requires Rock Rooster to use or publish your Content, or any portion thereof, in any specific way or on a specific platform or use or publish your Content at all.

You remain the owner of the Content. Nothing in this Agreement changes that.

You understand that you will not be paid or compensated in any manner for Rock Rooster ’s use of your Content as described in this Agreement.

Credit, Attribution and Linking. Rock Rooster may give you credit or attribution in connection with Rock Rooster ’s use of the Content by identifying you or your applicable social media username in conjunction therewith. Rock Rooster may also provide a link to the Content, to the extent available, on the source network (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

Warranties and Representations. You warrant and represent that you are at least the age of 18 and have all rights necessary, and the ability, to grant the license set forth above. You further warrant and represent that the Content is your original work, and that the Content does not now and will not violate any existing intellectual property rights of any third party, including, without limitation, trademark, copyright or trade secret or any contractual rights, and that they contain no matter which, if published, will be fraudulent, harassing, libelous, obscene, or a violation of any rights of publicly or privacy, or any law or regulation. You agree to fully cooperate with Rock Rooster in responding to and defending against any third-party claim related to the Rock Rooster’s use of the Content.

Entire Agreement. This is the entire agreement between you and Rock Rooster in relation to the Content you are licensing.